Chiptuning Singapore means top speed !!!

For many manufacturers, the maximum speed of vehicles is limited by an electronic lock. Most well known is the 250 km / h limit, e.g. for vehicles such as BMW M models, Mercedes AMG, Audi RS etc., the Vmax limitation starts at this speed. However, there are also speed limits for less efficient cars, delivery vehicles and off-road vehicles, e.g. in some BMW X3, Smart, VW, Mercedes Sprinter, etc.
If you own a US vehicle, the country-specific setting of the ECU often only allows a maximum speed of about 210km / h. But here too we are happy to help with a targeted change of the correct software parameters.

If desired, a new value can be defined instead of the complete speed cancellation. For this purpose, we have anchored a new value for the maximum speed in the engine control unit. – according to customer requirements.

If this lock is made by the software in the engine control unit, this can be opened by our map optimization, ie by chip tuning upwards. As a rule, software optimization can be transferred to the engine control unit via the OBD interface. This means that the vehicle now drives so fast after tuning that the wind resistance and engine power balance each other out. The speed can even exceed the 300km / h limit for some vehicles. VMax chip tuning makes your vehicle really fast.
The lifting of the maximum speed limit is available with or without performance optimization – as you wish.

On request we can also offer a different speedometer scale for different vehicles.