Pop and Bang Tuning Remap

For those of you who remember some of the super cars of the 80’s, you will recall the amazing sound of lift off over run burble and popping sounds of the Ferrari F40 along with the pops and bangs of a Sierra Cosworth or Escort Cosworth. For the younger amongst us there is YouTube and thousands of hours of these cars making awesome sounds out of the rear of the car.

You have probably heard the pop & bang even on some cars that haven’t been modded. They are of far lower intensity and usually found only on sports cars, but the possibility of aftermarket mods which can bring the massive sound to almost any car has made it incredibly popular in the recent years. And, yes, you can now have it on diesels as well.

What is a pop and bang remap?

The pops, bangs and crackle mod is also called exhaust crackle deceleration, exhaust popping, burble, car backfire, crackle map, anti-lag system (ALS), schubabschaltung deaktivieren, schubabschaltung knallen, schubabschaltung blubbern, schubblubbern or deceleration map and it results in those beastly bangs and healthy gurgles from the exhaust when the accelerator pedal is released.
It is as simple as that and absolutely beautiful.
However, the benefits of the soundtrack are not the only thing you should take into account before you decide if you should include pop & bangs into your arsenal of automotive fun. This software modification comes with direct consequences for your engine and exhaust.

How to make exhaust pop and bang

There are 2 modifications that result in pop bangs.
1. after the throttle pedal is released, the fuel delivery is not cut off immediately. It is delayed in order to provide fuel delivery during deceleration as well, schubabschaltung deaktivieren.
2. The next modification is a change in ignition timing which we retard. The ignition causing a flame front happens later than usual – even when exhaust valve is opening – and this causes the flame front to to take place inside the cylinder, but also in the space that connects the valves and the exhaust, thus giving the desired sound.
The main advantage is that during deceleration, the delayed combustion flow will also pass the turbocharger causing the turbo to keep its revs high instead of losing revs due to the lack of exhaust flow which would happen without the modification. Aside from the soundtrack benefit, this also means that your car will be faster. This is so because the running turbo means that you waste no time with spooling up when you press the pedal again. The reaction time is noticeably shorter and the turbo lag is virtually non-existent, so we also call this mod anti-lag.
Another perk that many of our customers opt for is having the same sound when the car is not moving at all. Pops and bangs are noticeably louder when the car is moving, but the sound at standing still unmistakably gives the hint of what the car is capable of when you finally get going.