Many of our customers …
… come to us with questions about the gearbox and its durability. Many worry about the increased performance due to the increase in performance.

We can, however, reassure you. We have accepted all commercially available gearboxes and did not shy away from testing.

Whether manual, SMG (BMW), Multitronic (VW / Audi), Tiptronic (Audi, Porsche), 4/5/6/7/8-speed automatic (various manufacturers), 7G-Tronik, continuously variable transmission, semi-automatic Automatic (Mercedes), DSG (VAG group), PDK (Porsche), sequential racing gear, F1 circuits (Lamborghini and Ferrari), Soft Touch (Smart) and many more. – We have tested all transmissions in combination with chip tuning and tested for their compatibility.

We program our tuning software in such a way that the performance development is harmonious and material-saving, without sudden performance peaks.

For DSG transmissions, we even offer special software optimizations in terms of internal torque limits, switching times and sometimes also launch control functions – the ideal combination to directly transfer the power increase generated by chip tuning to the road without major losses ,

Most automatic transmissions are equipped with intelligent control. This selects the gears according to various parameters such as speed, engine speed, engine load, throttle command, etc. in order to achieve optimum power output with the best possible fuel consumption. However, many customers complain about the standard shift behavior and the gear selection of the automatic transmission. However, the tuning changes the torque curve – and this also has the consequence of improved and faster gear changes which take place in part at more pleasant switching speeds.